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HP Business Rewards earns you rewards for the supply purchases you're already making. We'll start you off with 150 bonus points just for signing up.

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Visit our online HP Privacy Statement to learn how we use automatic data collection tools and your personal information to tailor your communications.

By opting in, HP and your reporting partners would receive exact Business Rewards point balance, exact Business Rewards points to expire, products redeemed in Business Rewards, and print supplies purchased. Your custom recommendation may include print service solutions, Business Rewards product redemption recommendations, or recommendations for redeeming points and purchasing products.

Canadian public sector entities, including without limitation, all levels of government and all publicly controlled or publicly funded agencies, enterprises, and other entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services are NOT eligible. By completing this enrollment form you certify that you are an official representative of the applicant company and are authorized to apply for membership in the HP Business Rewards program.

About the program

Earn 3x the points for the first 90 days

For the first 90 days in the program, you’ll earn 3 points for every $4 USD or $5 CAD spent.1 After 90 days, you’ll earn 1 point for every $4 USD or $5 CAD spent.

Start earning more with HP Business Rewards

Enroll now and get the rewards you deserve.

1 Point for every $4 spent

Earn one point for every $4 USD or $5 CAD your company spends on original HP ink or toner.

Get more points for recycling cartridges

Earn up to 10 points when you recycle original HP cartridges through our HP Planet Partners program.

Use points on 350+ products and services

Redeem your points on more than 350 of the latest HP printers, scanners and more.


Free shipping, free returns, and free recycling.

U.S. and Canadian customers who spend over $500 USD annually on Original HP supplies are eligible.

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Footnotes and disclaimers

1. New HP Business Rewards member accounts will earn 3 points per $4 USD spent on qualifying supplies for their first 90 days in the program, up to 100,000 points.